User Profile

About Your Profile

You can use your Open Collective user profile to let people know a bit about you. Projects you back might want to reach out to you, or you may want to use this page to show off your contributions or the Collectives you manage.

Access profile settings by clicking "edit profile". You can edit your info, images, payment methods, connected accounts, and more.

Changing your email

Go to 'edit profile' > Advanced and specify your new email address in the box. You'll get a confirmation and then your new email will be active.

Deleting or Archiving your account

To close your account, go to 'edit profile' > Advanced.

If your account has no activity on it yet (donations, expenses), you can delete it.

Accounts with a history transactions cannot be deleted, because those transactions are part of Collective budgets, whose integrity and accuracy has to be maintained. You can archive your account instead.

Archived accounts look disabled, and people are prevented from donating. Next time we run subscriptions (1st of the month), they will be cancelled.

Using Open Collective Anonymously

You can sign up using a pseudonym. We understand that not everyone can or wants to show their real name on public Collective budgets.

If you are getting paid through the platform, we need some personally identifiable information. However, these documents (invoices and tax forms, for example) are not public and only admins will see them.

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