Procedure and documentation about how to contribute to the Open Collective translations

We use Crowdin to manage all our translations. You can join and contribute on:โ€‹



Words between brackets are variables that meant to be replaced by dynamic values.

For example the string:

Hello {collectiveName}!

Will render as Hello Webpack! if the collective name is Webpack. You must never change the variable names.


select is a special command that let us render different texts conditionally. The base pattern is:

{myVariable, select, value1 {Rendered if myVariable=value1} other {Otherwise this}}

A classic example for that is the interval select:

{amount} {interval, select, month {monthly} year {yearly}}

Here interval is the variable with month and year as possible values. If amount is equal to $5 and interval to year, the template above will be rendered to:

$5 yearly

Here again, don't change the variable name or the select keyword, only the replaced strings (monthly and yearly if we take the example above).