In Open Collective, every entity is a collective and can be accessed publicly via their unique slug

A Collective can be of type:


A Member connects a User to a Collective. It can have multiple roles (one role per row):

  • HOST legal holder of the bank account that holds the money on behalf of the collective

  • ADMIN users who can approve expenses for the collective (aka core contributors)

  • MEMBER aka contributors

  • BACKER users who gave money to the collective

  • FOLLOWER used atm for users interested in an event collective


An Order is the intent to give or withdraw money from a Collective. It is created by a UserId on behalf of a collective (which can be their own UserCollective or any other Collective that they are a member of).



A Transaction records money moving from one Collective to another Collective. In this example, a collective webpack is giving €100 to Women Who Code Berlin hosted by Women Who Code 501(c)(3).

Note: The Collective currency might be different than the Host Currency (both for the source "From" and the recipient "To"). The fxrate only takes into account the conversion between ToCollectiveCurrency to ToHostId.

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