We'll be updating our Product Roadmap periodically. You'll also find below guidelines for prioritizing features and projects as well as a template for new projects.

Roadmap September 2019 - January 2020

New Collective Page

In response to your feedback, we've made some big improvements to the design and functionality of Collective pages (and individual and organization profiles too).

  • Owner: Pia

  • Status: v1 Shipped 09-23-2019

  • Metric(s):

    • Related complaints and support requests

    • Fewer people contacting us instead of projects

    • Conversions to contribution flow

    • Increasing one-time donations

    • More custom tiers

    • How many Collectives use customization options

    • Page load time

Homepage Redesign

We are re-focusing on projects that want to manage funds through the platform and we are re doing our homepage accordingly.

  • Owner: Xavier

  • Status: In Progress

  • Launch: October

  • Metrics:

    • Collectives create from homepage

    • Page load time

    • Clarity of message (qualitative) - we feel confident about

Onboarding Flow & Business Model

  • Owner: Xavier

  • Status: Researching

  • Launch: TBD

  • Metrics

    • More self-hosted and unhosted Collectives created

    • Increase per-Collective revenue

Expense Flow Redesign:

  • Owner: Alanna (and Pia)

  • Status: Design

  • Implementation: End of October

  • Metrics:

    • More expenses filed

    • Less support requests

    • Less host admin time spent

    • Way fewer issues with invoices (fewer expense comments)

    • Use of the new features (ex batch expenses)

Back your Stack

  • Owner: François

  • Status: Ready to Deploy

  • Metrics:

    • Subscriptions created to Back your Stack.

Key questions for prioritization

This is what we ask ourselves to decide what gets done and what doesn't.

  • Does this serve our mission?

  • Will this make us financially sustainable within a year?

  • Is it feasible to build and maintain with our team and runway?

  • Can this make us move faster?

  • Does this increase quality and not technical debt?

  • Will this bring us more Collective and financial contributors?

  • Is this already solved elsewhere or is it our unique contribution?

  • Can we measure the success of this?

Template for new projects

  • Github issue

    • explain the feature.

    • Link to other opened issues or data.

    • Include details below.

  • Kickoff

    • Organize a special meeting or on a scheduled one.

  • Project owner.

    • Role: Facilitator, decision-maker, producer.

    • It's ultimately responsible for (needs to do or organize who does)

      • Delivery

      • Q&A

      • Docs & Comms

      • Post-ship plan for maintenance

  • Success metric(s)

  • Timeframe - kickoff and delivery, main milestones / roadmap

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