Community Guidelines

We are a community based on trust, transparency, and contribution. In order to keep it that way, we expect everyone to act in accordance with these guidelines, including all Collectives, Backers, Sponsors, and our own Open Collective team.

Be honest

Be honest about who you are, what your Collective is doing, why you are fundraising, and what you want to do with those funds. Dishonesty is not only damaging to you, but to all Collectives. Don’t be the one bringing mistrust into this community.

Collective first

Collectives are groups of people with a shared mission. People may come and go, but the mission remains. A successful Collective survives its initial founders.

Be inclusive

The reason we can do great things together is that each of us bring a different perspective. Whoever you are, you have a unique perspective and unique skills to contribute.

Be respectful

We have zero tolerance for trolling or harassment. Being a jerk will not get you a place in this community; it will turn people away. We don’t want that noise in the system.

Be mindful

Your backers want to hear how you are going and stay connected. But please be respectful of their inboxes and their time. The same goes for your interactions with everyone in the community.

Speak up

If something’s wrong, let us know. We believe in self-managing systems, so we don’t police or moderate much. The only this works is by sharing the effort of noticing what's going on. Contact us any time:

Share the love

If you like something, share it with your friends. Let the world know and receive some love in return.

These guidelines will continue to evolve as we grow. It’s up to all of us to build an honest, safe and trustworthy community. Thank you for making it real.

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