What is an Organization?

An Organization is a profile that represents a a legal entity instead of an individual. Company's that beome sponsors, as well as legal entities that are hosts are Organizations on Open Collective.

Why Create an Organization?

  • Have your company show up as a sponsor of Collectives

  • Enable your employees to support Collectives on behalf of your company

  • Make bulk transfers so you can send money once and distribute it to Collectives as you wish

  • Create a profile to host (become a fiscal sponsor) for a project. Read more about hosts

How to Create an Organization

If you already have an individual profile

Go to your profile menu (top right) and look for the My Organizations section. Click '+New'. Once set up, you will be able to select your individual or organization profile when making a contribution.

If you don't have an individual profile yet

Go through the process of contributing to a Collective, and you'll be able to create both the individual and organization profile during check out.

How to Edit an Organization

Head to the top right menu to navigate to your Organization profile (make sure you're logged into your Organization, not your personal account).

Click "edit Organization" to change:

  • Info: name, description, website, twitter

  • Images: logo and cover picture

  • Members: add organization members

  • Payment methods: View, edit and change payment methods (credit cards), and set a monthly spending limit

  • Advanced: change your Organization's URL

Don't forget to click save!

How to access an Organization's subscriptions

The subscriptions link in your user menu will take you to your personal subscriptions. To access your Organization's subscriptions, go to the Organization's page and click "subscriptions" in the nav bar menu. From there you can access the action options to update amount or payment method, or cancel the subscription.

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