Issue Labels

Correct use of labels for issue triaging

Main Labels

Bug Feature Enhancement


These are issues that block critical flows for example Ledger issues such us (double charging, no charging, wrong charging, wrong assigning of subscriptions) Log in issues (user can't log in, user can't make a contribution) Expectation of resolving: immediately - On-call schedule applies

High Priority

These are issues that are impacting critical flows without blocking them or issues not on the critical flows that are widespread for example: Manage subscriptions (cancel, update) CSS issues in critical flows or system wide Expectation of resolving: when resuming work, before working on ongoing main projects


Issues that can wait for a week. Expectation of resolving: within the week. They don't take precedence over ongoing projects.

Complexity Labels

Understand the amount of energy and time it the issue needs. Simple: 2hs or less Medium: a day max Complex: +a day


Backend Frontend Documentation Localisation Design Ledger Tiers Events Expenses Notifications Reporting

Extra Labels:

Bug Fix Friday (BFF)

Team label to classify what bugs we want to look at on Friday.

Good first issue

Good practice for someone new.

Up for Grabs + Team

Enhancements, improvements, issues that impact the team only To be grabbed by team-members when in between main projects or to do something different every now and then. Expectation of resolving: within a month.

Up for Grabs

Good contained issue for someone outside of the core team to take a stab at it.

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